Peter Rothstein                     Co-Founder/Artistic Director, Theater Latte’ Da


"Disenchanted is a smart and hilarious new musical. The writing team has created a work that is both accessible and original. It provides a great vehicle for female performers, something we need more of in the musical theater.”


DISENCHANTED! is the new musical comedy satire that gives fairytales the bird! The original fairytale princesses are none too happy with the exploitation they’ve suffered in today’s films, books and dolls.


Snow White and her angry band of storybook friends are ‘storming the castle’ in order to take their lives back! Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Hua Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and more UNITE!


What would the ‘real’ Pocahontas, a circa 1616 ten year old, rough and tumble Powhatan girl, think of the 1995 Pocahontas – a deer pelt lingerie clad twenty something with a mane of long flowing hair? That’s what creator, Dennis Giacino, an ex-history teacher, often wondered. A musician at heart, Giacino created a musical number skewering the princess pop culture that transformed Pocahontas from a revered American-turned-British princess into the pin-up girl vixen from the movies. Soon Giacino found himself finding a number of ‘princesses’ with similar complaints and DISENCHANTED! was born!


The show was written over a three year period in Vancouver BC, Portland OR, Orlando FL and New York City. Giacino first heard the piece aloud at a Reading in NYC in 2009, which led to a performance a year later as a part of the New Jersey Playwrights Contest Reading. In the spring of 2011, it started its current sold out runs at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, where it was extended, and won The 2011 Producers’ Award. With the acclaim immediately reaching the internet, Giacino licensed the piece to other theaters in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, all receiving the same accolades – sold out runs, extensions and standing ovations!


Now, the show is set to make its way to a larger audience, on a grander scale, as DISENCHANTED heads Off-Broadway later this fall!

Jack Reuler

Artistic Director, Mixed Blood Theater


"Disenchanted is handsomely produced, beautifully performed, keenly directed, and joyously entertaining. Six super talented women — versatile singers, movers, and comediennes — bring humor, harmonies, irony, and pathos to fabled characters who prove to be iconoclasts.”



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Sara Schwabe

Interim Executive Director, Theatre L' Homme Dieu


"The powerhouse princesses of DISENCHANTED! had our audiences applauding from the first note and laughing until the last. The biggest hit of our 2014 season!"




Here's what Twin Cities theater producers said about our production of Disenchanted: